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Hello from Europe!

A newly added member to the crew in 2022, Louis has been working in the publishing industry for over a decade!

Louis David has been working in publishing since 2011. As a layout artist, cover designer, and even editor, he has been involved in the publication of more than a thousand novels over the past decade.


Passionate about history, art, and literature, he fell into the worlds of fantasy and historical fiction as a teenager.


His passion to this day is to assist authors and publishers with the publication of novels (contemporary romance, historical romance, and fantasy).


When he sleeps, he thinks 'Photoshop', 'Illustrator' and 'InDesign'. Quite a program!

Genres: Romance, Women Fiction, Thriller & Horror, LGBTQ+, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Teen & YA, Non-Fiction. Photo-based and Vector-based designs.

Speaking French and English.



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