Here’s the non-exhaustive list of our prices. Want something you don’t see listed?
Just ask, we have more up our sleeve!


Predesigned illustrations to fit your budget without having to sacrifice neither the look nor the quality. Almost like a custom cover since we adjust texts and cover layout to your needs!

Premade Ebook Cover

USD $99

Premade Ebook + Print Cover

USD $129


Let’s create a unique cover that will draw readers to your book, one that is meaningful, powerful and 100% representative.

Custom Ebook Cover

USD $149 (50% deposit)

Custom Ebook + Print Cover

USD $179 (50% deposit)

Audiobook Cover

+ USD $15 (based on a CLBD design)


Everything you need to build a brand around your books and skyrocket your sales! Logo, web banner, bookmark, cover reveal countdown, calendar, print banner, and so on. Just ask!


USD $10 per design

3D Rendering (mock-up)

USD $5 per design

Author signature

USD $30 each

Series Logo

USD $40 each

Social Media Banner

USD $15 per design

Cover Reveal Countdown

USD $30 for 5 images


USD $40 (based on a CLBD design)

Author's changes

USD $30/hour

All payments are safely done through Paypal. Transaction fees are included in the listed prices.

Prices can change at any moment, without further announcement.

Last update: March 28, 2018