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Think of your book cover as if it was a special dress for an important event, and you cheerily embark on a great shopping trip to find the one.


Some of you may find their fit right off the rack — *wink Premade shop *wink !

Few may have a vision of the perfect gown and will accept nothing short of a tailored creation.

Many may get lost in trends, dreams, and Pinterest boards, and after much tribulations, will seek guidance to sort out right from wrong based on their needs.

The last ones may have, from the get-go, no clue whatsoever and desire nothing more than being led in the right direction and accompanied by a gentle, professional hand.


If you, as an author, are of the lucky ones who found the perfect cover while browsing the Premade ShopHAPPY DANCE! You are now 72 hours away from publishing your book!


Not one of them?

Don’t fret, custom designs are the answer to your prayers and

Carpe Librum Book Design got you covered!

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Genres: Romance, Women's Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romantic Suspense, Non-Fiction

Ebook Cover Design starts at USD $299.


The first-trimester schedule is now full, thank you!

Keep a close look to the Carpe Librum Book Design VIP Group on Facebook for last-minute openings!

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Returning clients in need of a custom for

the second trimester (standalone or series)?

New clients?

Get on the waiting list and I'll email you when I have openings for new clients!

First Trimester |  January to March

Second Trimester |  April to June

Get on the waiting list now so you are first in line when the schedule opens!

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Returning clients

If you are a returning client in need of additional cover-s for a series continuation, please email Louis directly by clicking the button below!

the little extra you can't live without


Additional Book Covers

Minimal changes on each only

USD $40 each

Audiobook Cover

Based on design created by CLBD

USD $40

KDP Print Cover

Based on design created by CLBD

USD $50 

Boxset Design

Based on design created by CLBD

USD $80

IngramSpark Print Cover

Based on design created by CLBD

USD $70

Bookmark Design

Based on design created by CLBD

USD $40

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