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Hello there, fantastic author!

Exciting times are ahead as we begin our journey to create a unique and captivating cover for your book. This process starts with the custom cover form – a crucial step that helps me understand your vision and translate it into a design that speaks volumes.

Please, take some time to carefully complete the form, bearing in mind that the more information you provide, the more accurately I can design your vision. Think of it as your direct line to my creative brain, allowing us to establish a solid foundation for our collaborative work.

Below, I've outlined key points about the form and the significant role it plays in the design process.


Let's dive in!

Note: Can't be complete on mobile devices at the moment. Sorry about any inconvenience this situation may cause!

Project Clarity and Visualization

The custom cover form acts as an invaluable tool for effectively understanding your book's content and the cover you envision. It provides me with essential details about your book, such as its genre, main elements, tone, and mood. This information helps me visualize and create a cover that suits your book perfectly while appealing to your target readers.

Visual Inspirations and Communication

Sharing a mood board or inspirational covers helps to align our visions. It provides valuable insight into the style, genre, color, and overall vibe you're aiming for. In addition, open and smooth communication ensures that we're on the same page throughout the process. Remember, a typical project usually spans 5-10 business days. Efficient, clear, and uninterrupted communication ensures we stay on track and deliver your cover on time.

Collaborative Process

Creating your book cover is a collaborative process. As you trust my expertise and professionalism as a designer, I deeply respect your vision and strive to bring it to life as accurately as possible, keeping in mind market trends and design feasibility. This mutual trust and collaboration are key to creating a book cover that you'll love and that will appeal to potential readers.

Respecting Deadlines

The information in the custom cover form helps me manage my workload and respect your deadlines, ensuring that your custom cover is delivered promptly and professionally. Please note that the form should be completed as soon as possible after booking or at the latest by the 1st of the month you've booked for. Providing all necessary information in a timely manner allows us to streamline the process and avoid potential delays.


What type of cover(s) do you need? (select all the required, the invoice will be sent accordingly)
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