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2023 Book Cover Trends

At the end of 2022, many designers were publishing their trends' predictions for the next year's book covers. Now that a few months have passed, Carpe Librum decided to take a look at those trends and how they are actually used in the latest book released. Here's a summary of them!

| Big typography

....All genres

Big typography, with bold capitals, and sometimes handwriting, is a must in 2023. The words tend to cover almost all of the front page. They can even drop on the spine and the back cover. Because you can instantly see those big letters, the book cover attracts the eyes. It also creates an organized structure.

One new thing is to make no text hierarchy. The title and the author's name are in the same font and size. That trend is best suited for well-known authors because the difficulty of separating the author's name from the title is not a problem. However, some new authors use this technique too, maybe in a way to reject established practices.

Two other opposite trends also play with big typography.

| Minimalism

....Romance, science fiction, thriller, horror, non-fiction

Many authors and book designers decided to play with minimalism to catch the book buyers' attention in 2023. In fact, it’s probably the number one trend. On those book covers, we draw attention to one central element.

Sometimes, you will see on a plain background only the title and the author's name in a bold typography perfectly chosen to reflect the content of the book. The designer then plays with the options, the colors and the textures of the font.

In other cases, there is only one object playing with the title. It often has a symbolic meaning that catches the curiosity of the reader. The background can be white or of bright eye-catching color. It can also be embedded in one big shape or a silhouette that tells only a bit about the main character.

| Busy background

....Fantasy, thriller, mystery

On the other hand, on those types of covers, the book title is put on a heavy background full of captivating

images of animals, plants, etc. The images can be big or made of many small details that create a pattern. Most of the time, they partly cover some of the letters, leaving a sense of mystery that captivates readers' curiosity. Those designs are perfect for stories about a wild world that has no limits.

Featured in this trend: Weyward by Emilia Hart

| Flower motifs

....Romance, young adult

Flowers are still a high trend in 2023, maybe because of all the symbolic meaning they have. They talk of the beauty, but also of the growth and the so quickly fading. Aesthetically, they allow the designer to use bright colors that feel unforced. They can decorate the book title, fill the page or even play with the main character's appearance.

| Abstract compositions

....Romance, young adult and non-fiction

In 2023, book cover designers were supposed to play with abstraction. If some book covers did show strange shapes and textures of bright colors, so far, it seems less popular than expected. Here are still some things to know about that trend.

The contrasted colors might suggest a figure or a character but they leave a lot of space for interpretation. Each shape of color can take a large place on the cover or be one of the many spots on a plain background. The vibrant colors of those types of covers catch the attention while the abstraction provides a sense of mystery. They are perfect for books with several interpretations or if you want your readers to see themselves in the characters.

Featured in this trend: Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid

| Retro elements

....Romance, young adult, cozy mystery

Bringing old fashions back from the past always creates a sense of nostalgia. That's probably why you will see some pop art on the 2023 book covers. It is a step back to the 1950s when it first appeared and was considered kitsch. Those bright vector color images bring an idea of simplicity and pop culture.

| Crew Picks

....All genres

General trends are a thing, but as months pass by, the designers at Carpe Librum noticed increasing trends in the romance, women fiction and historical fiction genres that may not fit in any trends. Here are our top favs!!

Whether you talk about clothing, house decorating, or book covers, trends are always one thing while the tastes of a specific audience are another. They are no obligatory rules, but they can inspire. So, which of those trends caught your attention? Which one would you like us to try in some next premade book covers? Comment on our Facebook page or email us!

See you soon!

Evelyne + The Crew - xo

*This post contains links from which I do earn a small commission if you decide to purchase through them. This comes at no additional cost to you and as always your support is greatly appreciated!

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