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🫨 Honest Talk | Upcoming Changes At CLBD 🫨

I’ve been procrastinating and postponing this post because I so wished there was other solutions, but things being what they are, there’s no need to push back any more the topic of the upcoming changes —or, let’s be honest through and through, the changes that have already been done as we speak.

As you know, Louis David and I have been partnering for over a year now, although we’ve known each other for way longer than that. As you may also know, we aren’t from the same country. And so far, it hasn’t caused any logistical problems of any sorts. Until 2024.

Long story short, between the taxes from my country and those from his country, the PayPal fees (doubled on each transaction) and the exchange rates, there was barely anything substantial left for either of us in this partnership. We try all we could to find a solution but nothing, in the end, could be done to make it profitable.

So a hard decision has to be and was made. Sadly, realistically, friendship, hard work and good intentions don’t pay bills, put food in our bellies or gas in the car…

So here it is: Louis and I are professionally parting ways. But fear not! If you have an outgoing series with him at the moment, bought a premade that is not finalized, or you are in need of the print to go with an ebook he’s done for you, he’s still available to fulfill any of those orders. He just won’t accept new projects under Carpe Librum’s name.

You can reach out regarding any of those needs through here:

or by emailing him directly at

As for the rest, Carpe Librum Book Design still remains the same as you know it!

Please join me in wishing the best of luck to Louis in his future endeavours!


Evelyne -xo-

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