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Exciting News: Request Your Print Cover Directly From Our Website!

Hello, dear authors!

We're absolutely thrilled to announce that you can now request a print cover directly from our website! That's right, no more email back-and-forths, just a simple and efficient process for you to get your stunning book cover.

Now, we know that great things take time, so we have a tiny (but important) favor to ask.

When planning your cover order, please remember to schedule it 2 to 3 weeks ahead. This not only helps us slot your request into our busy calendar of book beautification, but it also gives you enough time to order and review a proof sample, ensuring everything is just right before the grand unveiling. And let's face it, there's nothing like a well-prepared author, right?

One last thing before you set off on this fantastic cover journey: it's essential to gather all the required information before filling out our oh-so-easy form. That way, we can create a print cover that truly captures the essence of your literary masterpiece. So, take a deep breath, gather all those crucial details, and let's create something unforgettable together!

Happy writing and release-planning!

See you soon!

Evelyne + The Crew - xo


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