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Evelyne is taking a break!

So thrilled to realize this morning that once again, Carpe Librum's clients are DA BEST! 🤍

The schedule for August to December is packed, except for a very few spots I keep for emergencies and such. One is never too careful --speaking by past experience!

For those of you who missed the train, you can always sign up for the waiting list, mentioning the month you'd need a cover. I can't guarantee anything, but there are cancelations every once in a while. Who knows?

Interested in a winter-spring booking? See below!

🎯 WINTER-SPRING CUSTOM BOOKING: As people already requested to book for 2024, I will be opening the 2024 schedule soon. Make sure you keep an eye on the group feed and the newsletter and be ready to cliiiiiiick! :D

Here are some novelties I'm adding to my TOS starting now, and that you need to be aware of (nothing THAT new, but still!):

🚨 EMERGENCIES aka RUSH CUSTOM PROJECT: if you were under a rock somewhere and miss the booking season (I don't judge, rock hiding is super trendy TMO! lol), and in need of a custom project, email me. There is no guarantee I can accept it, and be aware that from now on, there will be a 30% additional fee applicable to rush orders.

🌬 REFUND, EXCHANGE, POSTPONING: This policy applies to custom and premade orders. For the last year, I saw a new trend and tried my best to accommodate everyone, but truth be told, I lost a lot of time, energy, money, and SANITY in the process. So from now on, beware that there will be:

no refund on deposit for any reason

no exchange or switching from a custom to a premade and vice versa

no exchange or switching between clients' booking slots

postponing custom projects, if requested by the client, will from now on be charged 80$ and allowed only once

📚 PRINT COVERS: Print covers requests need to be done through the website form here:

📝 CUSTOM COVER FORM: Once booked, you can now fill out the custom cover form directly from the website here:

💻 AI ASSETS: Everyone has an opinion on the subject, so do I. But as I am more of a low-profile kind of person and don't enjoy arguing/debating at all, I won't go deep on my POV about AI, and I respect your opinions on the matter as well, whatever it is. THAT SAID. You will see on the custom cover form a new check box has been included, so that you can let me know if you are okay with me using AI ASSETS in the making of your cover. Asset = cut element. Not the entire AI rendering. Just as I do with stock photos, cutting this and that and creating a composition with them. Okay with it? CHECK ✅ Not at ease? Leave blank. No big deal. :)

💰 PRICE LIST: As I've been sick most of the spring months and way too disconnected during the summer to prepare for such a massive change, I decided to extend my current price list until 2024. As of January 1st, 2024, the price list will be updated to reflect the increasing cost of everything (software membership such as Photoshop and Illustrator, stock photos, etc.). Series continuation price will remain the same. You will be informed upfront! :)

Any questions you have, email me at ! As always, thank you for your support, loyalty, and never fading friendship!

Kind regards,

Evelyne - xo

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