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As part of the Make-It-Yours Challenge, this premade has been updated based on followers' suggestions! On checkout, please mention in the comment which of the options you are purchasing. But don't worry! As this design is unique and will be sold only once, the other options will be destroyed once it's been bought.


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  • Premade covers are sold as-is, only once.
  • The only customizable parts are the text and series logo.
  • All designs can be expanded into a series.
  • No refund or exchange on premade book covers.


Print and audio covers are considered add-ons and can be purchased with the ebook cover or separately at a later date. If you wish to add them to your order, let us know after checking out!

Miss Pumpkin's Devilish Matchmaking Ability

SKU: Co23-112

Summer Sale

Out of Stock
  • Stock Licensing

    All the stocks and fonts used as part of this photomanipulation have been bought through sites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Dreamstime, Depositphotos and iStock, under commercial licences.

  • After Check Out

    After confirmation of your purchase, you will first be invited to download a low-resolution version of the bought premade as a reference.

    Then, you will be contacted in the next 72 hours to collect the information necessary to fulfill your order, such as the author name, title, series name, tagline, etc.

    If you don't have this information, don't worry! We will keep the purchased premade for as long as necessary, securely on our hard drives.

    If you add add-ons to your order, such as print, audiobook cover or boxset design, another invoice will be sent to you accordingly in the following days.

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