the end
is only
a beginning

You've written THE END on your manuscript?
You are halfway through your writing and need a little push forward?
You've published a great story that is not getting the attention you feel it deserves?


Over the past years, Carpe Librum Book Design has proudly accompanied hundreds of Indie authors and several publishing houses from all over the world through the process of creating the perfect book covers. Eye-catching, marketable, and distinctive designs, that's what we are aiming for and our customers are there to testify!


We specialize in Romance of all eras, Women Fiction, RomCom, Non-Fiction, and more and more often we dip our toes into the Suspense, Thriller, Fantasy, and Paranormal genres!


Need a cover that lives up to your story? Let's continue the adventure together!

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Main Cover Designer

Books have been the center of my universe for as long as I can remember. From reading them, shopping them, trying-but-yet-to-succeed to write one, to design covers, I discovered at a very young age that there's never downtime when one's surrounded by books!

I started designing book covers in 2016 after I graduated in graphic design and never looked back. 1000 covers later--and counting! --my passion for helping mostly indie authors publish eye-catching and marketable books has never faded!

Genres: Romance, Women's Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romantic Suspense, Non-Fiction.