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Every weekday, Carpe Librum Book Design's designers
will reveal the premades they created for the day. 
Although you can view these designs in the shop throughout the week, they will be up for purchase every Friday at 7PM EST, following our newsletter distribution.


Throughout Covember, from November 1st to November 30th, 2023,

when you purchase a premade book cover in-store (new or old), you'll be eligible for exclusive discounts on the following add-ons:


  • KDP Print Cover: $40 (instead of $50)

  • Audiobook Cover: $30 (instead of $40)

  • Boxset Design (3D with spines): $65 (instead of $80)


If custom covers are required to continue a series based on a premade cover purchased during Covember, you'll qualify for your preferred rate:

  • Regular Custom (3 revision rounds + major client input): $260 each (instead of $299)

  • "Trust Me" Custom (1 revision round + light client input): $199 (instead of $299)

The discount applies to all custom covers included in this series and booked by the client until November 2026. You must indicate at the time of purchase of the premade that it will be part of an upcoming series, whether you are ready to book it right away or in the future.


No payment plan, reservation or delayed payment on premades. Each premade will be sold once on a first comes, first served basis.

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