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At Carpe Librum, NOVEMBER rhymes with COVEMBER!

Covember 2023 Official Banner at Carpe Librum Book Design

Covember 2023: An Artistic Adventure Begins

Welcome to Covember 2023, the creative challenge of the year!

On November 1st, the Covember journey begins, where we will share our artistic creations nearly every day. Are you as excited as we are? We're bursting with anticipation, having talked about #Covember2023 since, well, last November. We can't wait to dive into it once again this year!

Here are all the event details you need to know:

🎯 New Premades Every Business Day

Throughout the month, we'll be unveiling new premades in this group. Evelyne will share her creations at 12 PM EST, followed by Louis at 3 PM EST. You'll find these posts under our respective names.

🎯 Sale on Fridays

🎯 Special Pricing All Month

Special Event Pricing List for Add-ons during Covember

🎯 AI-Generated Assets

Some designs may feature AI-generated assets as part of the photomanipulation process. Any such instance will be clearly disclosed in the sale post and on the premade page. It's your responsibility to watch out for this information and make your purchase according to your preferences on the matter.

🎯 Stay in the Loop

Important Links

To receive updates when the premades go on sale every Friday, make sure to join the mailing list!

Add the Covember 2023 Shop to your favorites, here!

Come join us in the Facebook group to be at the forefront of the daily reveals!

Let's kick off this party in style! It's going to be an unforgettable creative journey!

Please invite your friends, the more, the merrier! :)

Kind regards,

The team, xo

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