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Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Covember 2023 Official Banner at Carpe Librum Book Design


We're not even sure those two words start to encompass the crazy gratitude and feeling of overwhelming we are experiencing now that we get to reflect on the past month.

GUYS! Our brains still can't compute. Can you imagine?

69 premades creating over 22 business days. Remember our goal was 22 each? That's what happen when your creative mojo gets fueled by the love and the encouragement and the interest of a community. SIXTY-NINE.

1848 site visits. 4294 page views on the website. It's a 360% raise compared to the previous month --and to be honest, to MOST months of the year! Some days, we just had to turn off the notifications because all we could do was jumping each time the little CHIME rang!

Way less glamorous, but an event of that wingspan required of us, no matter what got in our way, that we create AND post on a daily basis: twice on FB, once on Instagram, twice on Pinterest, pushing the stories. Also creating a newsletter per day and sending it. Publishing the products. Dealing with orders. Answering comments and replying to emails. Daily. DAI-LY.

All the while, we were handling custom orders --a little over twenty between us! --and our personal lives --Louis got Covid, I dealt with a massive sinusitis, and my oldest school got locked out for an undetermined amount of time!

Are we proud? That's an understatement of high magnitude. WE MADE IT!! How come we made it!?!?

But mostly? We are THANKFUL. Because without you, none of this would have worked. Or been fun. Or rewarding! So really, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

We will take a couple of days to recoup, work hard on handling all custom orders before we close for the Holidays (the schedule will be revealed tomorrow), and rest. We will be back with something fun soon though, so stay tuned!

All the premades created during Covember that haven't found a home are in the premade shop if you ever missed all the fun!

For now, let's celebrate that big accomplishment, reflect, and think about how to make it even better NEXT YEAR!

With all our gratitude,

The CLBD Crew, xo

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