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Covember 2023 Official Banner at Carpe Librum Book Design

Covember 2023: An Artistic Adventure Begins

Welcome to Covember 2023, the creative challenge of the year!


Think of it as a NaNoWriMo for book cover designers!

Each business day of November, starting November 1st, we, Evelyne and Louis, will challenge ourselves to create a premade cover and we will share them in the Carpe Librum Book Design VIP Group. The designs will only be available for sale on Friday of each week, once the newsletter has been sent.

2 designers. 22 business days. 44-ish premade book covers.

All genres are allowed.

No challenge rules.

Prices will vary from $89 to 139$ USD.

Here are all the premade designs we created over

the fourth week of the challenge, including the addition of

many Christmas premades as part of

an impromptu Xmas Mini Event!

Designs by Evelyne

Designs by Louis

Special Event Pricing List for Add-ons during Covember

Important Links

To receive updates when the premades go on sale every Friday, make sure to join the mailing list!

Add the Covember 2023 Shop to your favorites, here!

Come join us in the Facebook group to be at the forefront of the daily reveals!

See you next Friday with the week's new releases!

Kind regards,

The CLBD Crew, xo

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