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A big part of every Monday morning is answering emails. Like, a truck full of emails. As many of them aren't specific to a project or one author in particular, but about subjects that could be of interest to many of you, we thought why not share the info here and start our Q&As with those questions!

❓❔ How does it work when I need a print cover, previously paid for or not?

❗️❕First, you need to plan ahead. Even if you think it is only a matter of minutes for us, keep in mind that even if we can squeeze a print between other projects, you are responsible for your releasing schedule... and us, for ours. Request your print 2 to 3 weeks prior to your release date at least, so you have time to order a print sample for review before. You can now easily order your prints through this form HERE.

❓❔ Why can't we book a custom with Evelyne through the website?

❗️❕Because there is only so much time in a day! ;) I'm happy to realize, thinking back on it, that I immensely increased my production speed, going from 2 customs a week to sometimes 10! But the brain, or at the least the creative part of it, is like a lemon: if pressed too hard, too long, you can't expect it to still produce THE BEST lemonade in the world. Also, hey... I have 2 young sweet things at home that we call... kids. 🤪

❓❔ When is Evelyne's next opening for customs?

❗️❕The killer question. And the answer is: sometimes in AUGUST 2023. The schedule will open in early July, for August to December, for the returning clients at first (series continuations, new projects, etc.), then for new clients. Keep your eyes peeled for details about that upcoming booking, here and through the newsletter! :) In the meantime, you can book a custom with Louis David HERE.

❓❔ When is Evelyne's summer vacation and what will happen during that time?

❗️❕All July and the first 2 weeks of August. During that time, I will work on a Christmas-in-July premade event, as well as create prints/audios for those who'll need them, and fulfill premade orders from the website, and.. enjoy life with the kiddos, our feet in the lake, a picnic by our sides! :)

❓❔ What are the preferred genres of Louis David, and how much does a custom cost when working with him?

❗️❕His preferred genres are: Romance, Women Fiction, Thriller & Horror, LGBTQ+, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Teen & YA, Non-Fiction. Photo-based and Vector-based designs. Ebook Cover Design starts at USD $209.

❓❔ Where can I find the custom cover form I need to fill out?

❗️❕We usually send it a week prior to the month of your booking. If you can't find the email, or didn't receive it for some reason, you can email us or fill it out directly HERE!

❓❔ How can I receive your newsletter, and what's in it?

❗️❕To receive our fortnightly newsletter, you can subscribe HERE. In it, you'll find more info about new premades in store, upcoming events, new blog posts, custom bookings, book releases from the authors who commissioned us for a cover, and more! :)

That's it for now! If you have more questions you'd like us to answer in the next Q&A, email us or comment under the Q&A post on Facebook!

See you in next week's newsletter with gift suggestions for Mother's Day!

See you soon!

Evelyne + The Crew - xo

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