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Page-Turners Galore: Discover the Latest Book Releases by Carpe Librum's Creative Clients!

May Edition

Hello, book lovers and friends of Carpe Librum Book Design!

As spring has finally taken hold for good and the prospect of curling up in a reclining chair in the sun with a good book is becoming very real, we are excited to bring you the May edition of the Page-Turners Galore, which is full of the most recent book releases from the great Carpe Librum Book Design family!

Join us as we dig into the mesmerizing worlds that these writers have made, all wrapped up in eye-catching covers that we've had the pleasure to design. So grab a comfortable place and your choice of beverage, and indulge as we dive into the worlds that these authors have crafted.

Happy reading! 📚💕

Disclaimer: This post contains links from which I do earn a small commission if you decide to purchase through them. This comes at no additional cost to you and as always your support is greatly appreciated!

Can a worried mother find the perfect matches for her family of eccentrics on remote Whale Island?


In the spring of 1910, an advertisement I spotted in the Boston newspaper called out to me. “Wealthy family in need of secretary on Whale Island. Must have an affinity for books.” When I’m offered the position, I do not hesitate to pack my meager belongings and travel to Washington state. After all, I have nothing to lose. I’ve been dismissed from my current position. I have no family. It’s all a dream come true. The only problem? My employer, Benedict Tutheridge, makes my heart flutter and my knees wobble. I didn’t expect him to be devastatingly handsome or interesting. Unfortunately, I’m not from prestige or wealth. A man like Benedict would never marry a woman like me.


In a town full of misfits, I win the prize. After my father’s untimely death, I’m expected to run the family business. However, despite my efforts and education, I can barely read or write. At my mother’s urging, I agree to hire a secretary, fully expecting A.F. Young to be a man. To my utter shock, Amelia Frances is very much a woman. A beautiful, beguiling one. A woman who would never fall for the town idiot.

A clean and wholesome historical romance that will pull on your heartstrings and have you cheering for second chances in this new family saga by USA Today Bestselling author Tess Thompson.

An ugly duckling and a charming scoundrel have nothing in common. But fate has a different plan.


Devastated after both my fiancée and best friend betrayed me, I traveled to a distant isle in the Pacific Northwest, clinging to a job as an artist's assistant to escape my broken heart. Little did I know that I would find something else entirely when I met Briggs Tutheridge. His kindness and sensitivity were not at all what I expected. Still, his reputation was well-known and notorious, with bevies of admirers who wanted nothing more than a brief affair. That wasn't me. I was a wallflower destined to live in the shadows, and no amount of wishing could change that.


I agreed to my mother’s suggestion to hire an artist’s assistant without much thought.

All that changed when Faith Fidget arrived in my studio. Timid and introverted, she was not the type of woman who usually turned my head. Yet, in her presence, I felt something undeniably stirring inside me. Soon enough, I found myself daydreaming about spending a lifetime with her instead of fleeting moments with women who were nothing more than meaningless trysts. But she deserved someone much better than a scoundrel with a reputation. No matter my feelings, I knew it would never work between us.

Meanwhile, an unsolved murder, an interfering mother, and two secret matchmakers bring tension to bestselling author Tess Thompson’s clean and wholesome romance series that will leave you believing that opposites can attract.

Hannah Martin thought she was about to have an empty nest . . . until the illegitimate daughter of her late husband shows up on her doorstep.

Five years after her husband’s death, Hannah Martin runs a successful inn and serves the needy in her community. Despite a house full of guests, she finds herself battling the loneliness that comes with an empty nest. Now that no one needs her for anything other than serving her famous five-course breakfasts and retrieving fresh towels, she throws herself into winning Camden’s Hospitality Grant. With the help of the grant, the bed and breakfast will bring in even more customers and Hannah won’t have time to think about what she’s missing.

When a handsome lumberjack named Kevin moves in next door, Hannah’s attraction to the widowed bachelor, who is not quiet about his interest, knocks her off kilter. Just as she begins to explore the companionship a new relationship offers, a young woman arrives at the bed and breakfast, claiming to be the daughter of Hannah’s late husband.

Hannah wades through shock and disbelief as a fellow innkeeper ramps up her attempt to sabotage The Orchard House’s chances for the Hospitality Grant. When Kevin questions all she’s been working toward and her “new” daughter gets into more trouble than any of her own flesh-and-blood children ever did, Hannah must decide what matters most—before she loses the grant, the good reputation of the bed and breakfast, and a second chance at love.

This is Book 7, the final book in The Orchard House Bed and Breakfast Series, a contemporary twist on the well-loved classic, Little Women. Readers will fall in love with the Martin family—Maggie, Josie, Lizzie, Bronson, Amie, and their mother Hannah—each trying to find their own way in the world and each discovering that love, home, and hope are closer than they appear.

Sometimes all you have to do is unwind and let yourself be carried by the waves.

When Lily decides to leave everything behind to open her own art gallery in Emerald Cove, she can't imagine the challenges and encounters that await her. The charming seaside town hides treasures, but also rivalries and secrets.

In this new life, Lily meets Tom, a talented and kind-hearted craftsman who shares her love for the art and beauty of Emerald Cove. Together they face obstacles, such as tensions with local businesswoman Victoria Sinclair, and seize opportunities.

As you turn the pages of "The Gallery by the Sea", you will be transported to a world of sweetness and passion, where love, art, and the sea meet to create an enchanting backdrop. Follow Lily and Tom's quest for love, fulfillment, and success in Emerald Cove, and find out if their story will triumph over the challenges they face.

Let yourself be swept away by this captivating beach romance and live an adventure full of twists, emotions, and true love with Lily and Tom. Immerse yourself in "The Gallery by The Sea" and share an unforgettable moment with endearing characters and a heart-warming story.

And that sums it up for you, folks! We really hope that you've had a wonderful time perusing these captivating new books published by those brilliant writers!

Now, for our amazing author clients out there, are you excited about your upcoming release or preorder? If you'd like to bask in the spotlight and join our featured authors next month, we'd be thrilled to showcase your work on our social media channels, newsletter, and blog. Simply fill out this form to let us know about your upcoming release or preorder:

We can't wait to see what mesmerizing stories and enchanting covers our Carpe Librum Book Design family will bring to the world next month. Until then, happy reading and writing, everyone!

See you soon!

Evelyne + The Crew - xo

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