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UPDATES - Some Things Need To Be Said...

A woman smilingly relax on a couch
Evelyne is taking a break!

As a few of you are aware of it (let's not call it a situation; it's just life, and that's all it is ;), I've been stuck in a cycle of sickness on and off for the last few weeks. From the simple cold to now a pneumonia antibiotic-resistant, name it, I've had it. As I said, LIFE, duh.

You know what that means? Because I do. My body is sending me SOS—like big smoke signals—and I need to listen to them. I've not been gentle with myself since I learned I was pregnant almost three years ago. I was so scared to lose my business that I doubled down on everything. And it's taking a toll on me. I have to realize that you have no intention of jumping ship. Now I can breathe.

Which means...

For now, I've managed to stay on schedule from month to month. Barely. And I intend to do so until my summer vacation. If you're on the custom schedule for May and June, bear with me. I appreciate your patience beyond words!

That said...

| Custom Designs

I won't accept last-minute, rush, "it's-a-quick-design-you-will-wrap-it-in-no-time-and-I-will-be-forever-grateful" requests—even if I value you and our relationship. I do. But that crazy 25-customs-a-month schedule is just not sustainable anymore.

| Print Requests

Expect a 2-week delay. Please don't wait 3 days before your release to send me the info and force me to work on a weekend. You can order your prints here now:

| Summer Vacation

My office will be closed from June 24 to August 7. During that time, only print requests and premade orders will be fulfilled. A longing chair, an iced coffee in one hand, and a good book in the other—that's where I'll be. ;)

| August to December Custom Schedule

It will open at the end of June, once I'm done with all the customs on the calendar. There are already a couple of names on the waiting list, and those will be contacted first to confirm their bookings. Sign up if you know your release schedule and want to make sure you don't miss your chance to book at the right time! First come, first served. :)

| In a hurry?

Need a custom now—like, literally now? Consider working with Louis; his schedule still has openings, and he will be delighted to assist you. New clients are welcome!

That being said, I want to thank you. THANK. YOU. I'm well aware that, while some are experiencing very difficult times in the cover design market, my schedule has remained constantly full—which is the most thrilling problem to have, that's for sure! I'm grateful, humbled, and flabbergasted. I wake up every day to do my dream job, and that's because of you.

Although I'm very busy, I'm always only a click away. Don't be shy; email me at if you have any questions or concerns. :)

Warm goodbyes,

Evelyne - xo

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